Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tag!...Are You It?

I should be ashamed for even sharing this with you, but even though my first book was published in 1998 and I've written several more since then, it wasn't until today did I finally decide to tag my books. Tags are those key words that author's use, as well as readers, to give little hints as to the content of the book. It's almost like when you see that nice shirt hanging on the rack in Macy's; it catches your eye, but before you try it on and start modeling it, what's the first thing you do? You check the tag. That little tag determines whether or not you'll even try the shirt on, let alone buy it. In my opinion, the tags an author places on their books are equally important.

Certainly you yourself have done a book search on Amazon.com or any other of your favorite online book stores. You add key words into the search box and then several books are pulled up based upon your key words...or should I say tags? If you were looking for a book like one I have written, I'd love for my book to be one that pops up. But if I don't put a tag on it, my chances of that happening are pretty slim.

Sure other readers can add tags, but it's my book. I know it better than anyone else and can determine just what tags properly describe my books. In adding these tags, I wanted to make sure I didn't put any misleading ones on my books either. All that would do is make a reader mad and possibly come back and give me a bad review.

Hopefully the tags I've added to my old books will breathe new life into them and resurect sells. We'll see...

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